Stain of the Month: The Questionable


Stains can the bane of a fabric’s existence. As such, we have already addressed the more common food stains-especially those of the holiday season. Here, we will touch upon some less frequently thought of stain perpetrators.


              Believe it or not, many dyes such as pink, lavender, and red can react negatively to any water-like substance such as perspiration/sweat. It is best to spot this trouble soon before it becomes permanent. Waiting too long may cause irreversible damage.


You may think this one is a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how often this becomes a problem. The fact is home products such as cleaners, beauty products such as hair dyes, and floor cleaners-all with just a trace of bleach in them- can discolor sensitive dyes.


              Cologne and perfumes with heavy traces of alcohol will often stain collars and sleeves. Your best bet is to error on the side of moderation and be mindful of heavy use.