Stains from coffee may be more complicated than they seem. Very often they contain more than just coffee; like milk and sugar and/or creamer. Creamer adds further complications since there are even more chemicals in them to boot.

When dealing with coffee-related stains, it is good to know the properties behind them. Here are a couple of tips .

1st. Coffee is what’s known as a tannin stain. A tannin is a brown and bitter organic substance commonly found in plants like plant bark, fruit juice (red wine). They’re basically natural vegetable dyes.  To Remove– it is best to run under cold water initially and then run the fabric through a wash cycle with the hottest tolerable water.

2nd. Milk/Creamer is a protein-based stain. Though water-based, they are tougher to get out and may need to be treated individually. Be sure to mention the milk in the coffee to the customer service representative.