Time to break out the shades and sunscreen-just be sure you know how to treat your clothes when they inevitably come in contact with these chemicals. After all, while they may be good for you and enhance your skin, they aren’t the best for your clothes. That said, if you are unsure how to treat stained clothes, we’re here to help.

Preventing Stains from Sunscreen

  • As always, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer first.
  • Allow sunscreen to dry before making contact with a garment.
  • Wash hands before handling any garments.
  • Wear an undershirt if possible. Many stains come from perspiration.

Treating Stained Clothes

  • Baking soda and dishwashing detergent are a good initial go-to. Sprinkle the stain to absorb oil and let sit for 30 minutes. Next, rub dish detergent into the stain and wait 5 minutes. Mix one teaspoon of laundry detergent into a bowl with hot water and soak the garment for an hour. Then rinse garment in hot water and launder as normal.


  • Another is lemon juice and salt. Rinse the stained section with cool water; squeeze lemon juice on the stain. Lay the garment flat and pour a pile of salt on the juice. Have it sit overnight, brush the salt away, and launder as normal.


If all else fails, bring your clothing to our talented team at Sunshine Cleaners. Be sure to let the specialist know of the sunscreen before you leave.