We at Sunshine cleaners understand there are many dry cleaners to choose from. A simple Google search will reveal there are over 10 stand-alone businesses in the Baton Rouge area. Many are conveniently located near other businesses and homes.  Indeed, this is how most customers decide on a dry cleaner-proximity. Whether it is close to work or home, many people choose which dry cleaner to frequent based on what is convenient.  This is understandable.

But what if I told you there was a better way?

Sunshine Cleaners –offers that better way with our direct to home or business pick-up and delivery route service.

There is no other dry cleaning business in the Baton Rouge area that can match our route service. We have a team of 5 dedicated route professionals, each with their own delivery vehicle fully loaded to meet any of their customers’ needs or demands.  With routes covering most of the neighborhoods in Baton Rouge and even Denham Springs and Central, we also pickup and deliver downtown to a number of business offices and government buildings.

Be ready to have your expectations exceeded by Sunshine Cleaners’ fine dry cleaning and expert customer service.